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Raamakant S, you are our guardian angel

Hi Raamakant S,

You were 100% right my friend. The sales from the Ultimate Money Typhoon are now starting to flow into my Paypal account after only advertising for a couple of weeks.

We are so grateful to you as we were in real trouble as I lost my job last year after being hurt in a work accident & was finding it hard trying to make money online in those money programmes which you see everyone getting conned into.

This is really helping us a lot & my wife & children send their love to you & yours.

Thanks for all your support my friend.

Jason, Sandra, Dillon, Taylor & Emily.

After 10 Days

You have given myself & my family a new start at life without poverty Raamakant S.

After my work accident I tried over and over again to make some money online but ended up just wasting money over & over again. To be honest I was about to give up before I stumbled onto the Ultimate Money Typhoon eBook.

Yes that's right, I am now making money & it's on a daily basis just by giving this eBook away for Free with my own name & payment details Rebranded in it. I have also found that the software itself is quite amazing too.

I am really impressed with the ongoing support you have given me right from the start. I Highly Recommend any of your products or services to anyone with a Big Thumbs Up.

I want people to know that I was just a normal bloke working in the building industry with no computer skills at all & if I can turn my life around using Raamakant S. great products & services anybody can.

As I have said before Raamakant S. your are our gaurdian angel & God Bless You.

Thanks Again,

Jason, Sandra, Dillon, Taylor & Emily Delaney.

Hi Raamakant,

I want to say 'well done' on UMT. It's a nice idea and it's well executed. I offered it to my subscribers yesterday and earned over $600 in the last 24 hours. I wish all my investments resulted in an immediate 6000% return on investment!

FYI, of the 1171 people who clicked through to the download page, a total of 64 ended up investing $10. That's 1 in every 18, so good work in managing to create a product with such a high-conversion rate.

Michael Hopkins

I am so impressed with the concept, quality and simplicity of use, I have decided to include it as a Featured Product at my new web site!! I hope your hosting plan includes a lot of bandwidth, because I'm planning on pushing it to the limits!!

Great job!! Awesome Software!!

Jeffrey Levesque

UMT is Awesome!

Hi Raamakant,

I just had to drop you a line and tell you what a GREAT system you've put together with the Ultimate Money Tycoon!

Not only was it easy to brand and setup, I'm already in profits! What I really like about UMT, is it's so easy to market, people love to receive free stuff and with UMT you just give it away and let you're system do the selling for you.

Geez, I only wish I thought of it sooner myself. :-)

Great job!

Erika Ackerman
Editor of EMC News

"This product is a definite 10 in my book"

For the first time in a very long time, I'm speechless, and I'm a writer. This package offers a tremendous opportunity to make money on the internet, and it is so incredibly easy anyone can do it.

I evaluate hundreds of joint ventures, as well as business opportunities every year so that I can provide the best products and services to my readers and clients. This is something that I will recommend to everyone of them.

Raamakant has really done his homework and followed the philosophy of Jay Abraham, by offering a product that over delivers on its promises, and provides real value to anyone who downloads this software. This product is a definite 10 in my book, and I'm very pleased to be able to offer it to all of my readers across the world.

Jinger Jarrett

I have just unpacked Ultimate Money Typhoon. My jaw dropped with its simplicity and compelling copy. I haven't made a cent with this yet, (just uploading the files) However, It is a no brainer. this is a winner.

Follow-up after one hour:

I got 4 in the first hour after mail out. WOW.

Eric White

Your concept is exceptionally good. I've got instant results from your UltimateMoneyTyphoon. Keep up the good work.

Raam Anand

Wow...this is one Outstanding Money Maker! I downloaded the software late last night and sat on it. This morning Every Person I told Grabbed It! It is a No-Brainer! Keep up the Good Work. Thanks.

John Bober

Hi Raamakant, What a brilliant idea, I really wish I had thought of it first. After speaking to some of the other more well known marketers over the past week we all agree that UMT is a simple idea, very well executed. Anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, can make money from this! Well Done...

Phil Horsepool

Hello everybody, I started this program on 28 June, 2005 and immediately I made one sale with very less promoting. The program is fantastic. This is the real money making opportunity without spamming or fraud kind of thing. I am sure within a very short period I will be making huge profit and I will again share my views with you.

Wahid Kazi

Thank you Raamakant, Ultimate Money Typhoon is making me money, just by giving it away. When I saw the webpage I was, to say the least skeptical, but for a measly $10 I thought what the hell. And I'm glad I did. I even bought it its own domain and offered my subscribers free hosting to upgrade. IT JUST WORKS. Thanks again

Doug Titchmarsh

WOW! Talk about overdeliver! The ebooks, software is outstanding and I should know cause I have them all :o) I love what you have done to give a terrific money-making opportunity for only $10. Even if I don't sell a single copy, the products are worth waaaay more! Great job!

Dan Farrell, Hollywood, FL USA

I have tried a bucket load of these buy once and make big bucks programs and usually make a profit. UMT is the best yet! Even a total novice can make money with this and I have helped several friends jumpstart their online incomes with it. Raamakant, you rock!

Warren Contreras

I wanted cash - It gives me cash. Enough Said!

Rob Wright

WOW! What a great concept. I have just started my own website - Official Launch will be November 15, 2005. I am going to make sure it is included in my members area, I am also offering it as this week's FREE Product Download in my Newsletter. I haven't even uploaded it to my website yet, I was soo excited about this, I had to write first. I know this is a sure winner! Thanks so much!

Rebecca Hubbard

For the price you charged, the products delivered are just great and will be very useful in my Internet marketing business. Thank you...


You've done a great job and I really appreciate your work and all the efforts you put into establishing a really, profitable and rewarding business opp. and Software, which impresses by it's simplicity and effectivity as well! the only thing I'm a little sad about is the fact, that I only can apply to English speaking people, as I'm a German and there might be a market for Europe as well ! Greetings from

Reschubo Reinhard Schumacher

Hello Raamakant, Your ideas and ingenius creations never cease to amaze me. Your Ultimate Money Typhoon is just one more example of your expertise in the field. You have helped my online business tremendously. I have been doing online marketing for ten years now, and you have created some of the best products and resources I have ever found amongst the most elite marketing gurus. (Believe me I've seen many) Keep up the Great work my friend. Thanks again for being here,

Roy K. Fielding

At first, I was a bit skeptical but then when I used it in my website for couple of days, I was very impressed with the results of use this software. I then decided to include it as a Featured Product at my new web site!!

Great job!! Awesome Software!!

K. Alabid

Wow Superb Idea This software is absolutely Fantastic for everyone who wants to make money online with little efforts.


Thank you so much for this GREAT program. It is soooo easy and it works like nothing I have ever seen. This is exactly what I needed. Absolutely AMAZING!

Shelby J. Carr

At first I thought This was another one of those products that I wasn't going to make any money with. I finally sold one thanks due to the great ebooks you wrote. They are worth the small dollar amount in gold. I still have a lot to learn about marketing and where to go to market this product, but I'm not going to give up.

Carl Goldman

"Your Software Is Going To Help Fill My Bank Account... Fast"

Wow...this is one awesome tool! It does all the work for me. It generates sales for me.. automatically delivers products. All I have to do is to check my mail to know how much I earn today. Ultimate Money Typhoon is just what I was looking for.

This tool Rocks! Your software is going to help fill my bank account FAST!

Bill Harrison

"Finally There Is A Tool That Does All The Work For Me!"

I am very happy with this Software, I was always trying to figure out new ways of making more and more money. Finally there’s something now that does the work for me and it saves me so much time.

This is exactly what I was looking for! I'm glad you've created this product.

Thank you very much.

Michael Green

"I wouldn't expose this secret weapon to anyone if I were you"

Raamakant, what the devil are you thinking? You are literally giving away a money machine here. I wouldn't expose this secret weapon to anyone if I were you.

Thanks again for sharing this secret weapon with me!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You wouldn't believe the sales I'm getting after the software you gave me. Then again, I guess you do believe the success I'm getting. I got 15 sales in the last 2 days.

Alexandria K.

This software belongs to any marketer who wants to make more money. I achieve about a 30:1 sales ratio using software you provided. That is

Your software is simply a no-brainer... and I highly recommend it!!


Absolutely Amazing! This has to be one of the hottest Tools that I have ever seen! I am thrilled with the way Ultimate Money Typhoon is working!

David F.

"GREAT PRODUCT, thanks for all of your hard work."

Hi Raamakant, I just want to tell you how happy I am with "Ultimate Money Typhoon". Now us "little guys" can make money like the big boys. This is one extremely impressive piece of software...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


I think that the software is magic... It worked like a dream! What a brilliant piece of software. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants to start online business without spending days setting it up. I'm really VERY impressed with this!

Ross A.

Thank you for this awesome software! You can be sure that I'll make a super-mention about it in an email to all my subscribers! (I usually don't email them very often - and only if I come across something super-cool, like Ultimate Money Typhoon!)

Rob Seward

This Amazing FREE Software Changed My Life!

Raamakant, Just a quick note to tell you how much I LOVE your New System. This is going to become one of THE MOST TALKED-ABOUT in all of internet marketing history.

Russell K.

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